A downloadable game for Windows

A collection of my old bad games from between 2014 and 2015.

List of games:

  • Pyramid: A platformer. My first GameMaker game :)
  • Alien Craft: Crafting... *in space!* Featuring Mud! Trees! Berries! Etc!
  • wert+i+ousand: A game??? Art by the famous my friend Bryce.
  • Carz: A game about cars that shoot spears at missles.
  • Survivalgame: Pinnacle Of Video Game Simulation.
  • Tinfoil Forest: A little puzzle game I made in 24 hours in a competition with a friend.
  • Gramfeld Cat Goes To The Moon: Lasaga.
  • 2D 3D Maze: Playing around with fake 3d maze drawing.
  • Cabbage: Minigames?
  • Monster Truck Rally: A game created in 30 minutes. Run people overrrr


cobg.zip 234 MB

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